Repurpose your devices

In a world that has become mostly ruled by technology and smartphones it is hard to be able to detach yourself from the fact that your life is wrapped up in something that is no bigger than post-it note. We personally can't remember the last time that we weren't glued to our phones checking out the countless apps we have on them. This gave us a thought here at Hoxton North; maybe we should be using our phones for something a little better? Instead of making our eyes go square by staring at our Instagram feeds how about we listen to a podcast, sit back and relax? We have done the leg work and trawled through the millions of different podcasts available online and picked the most interesting ones so you don't have to. 

  • Ladies, this is definitely one for you. If you have ever read an issue of bestselling magazine Glamour you will be familiar with the hilarity that is the 'Hey, It's OK' page. It's a little bit for us ladies to know that the "weird" things we do are also being done by millions of women all over the world. Last year editor Jo Elvin began the Hey It's OK podcast where she is joined each week by members of the Glamour team and a celebrity guest to talk about all things womanhood.
  • If you are a fan of dramas than The Truth is definitely a podcast for you. Fronting this American podcast is Jonathan Mitchell whose 15 minute plays have are completely spellbinding and atmospheric. This is definitely a good shout if you want to chill on a Sunday evening with your feet up. The 2 years that it has been running it has received nothing but rave reviews and we can completely see why. A firm favourite in the podcast world.
  • Household name Alec Baldwin is the leader of our final podcast pick. He goes behind the scenes and asks the deep questions to New York biggest and brightest. From actors to policy makers, nothing and no one is off limits when it comes to these interviews. Celebrity interviews are normally overshadowed by fluff questions but with this WNYC production gets to grips with bigger and better topics. 

So whether you are a fan of a bit of culture or you want to put the world to rights there is bound to be a podcast here for you.