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HOXTON NORTH at home range is a collection of retail products and everyday essentials inspired by our founders time in London experiencing all of the different varieties of foods and cultures. Our first range of sauces were made to create taste and aromas destinations from around the world.


Inspired by the varied cultures of south America. This unique blend combines the rich profile of speciality coffee from Peru, Brazil and Colombia, with the savoury kick of ketchup and hot sauce to create a smooth, smoky, chocolate flavour of heat and flavour. 


Inspired by the beauty and flavours of the mediterranean Spanish coastlines with notes of ripe peaches and sweet honey. This combination of sweetness and heat come together to bring a wonderfully balanced flavour perfect for drizzling over grilled chicken, brushed onto seafood, or used as a dipping sauce for your favourite snacks,


Inspired by the fusion of Thai cuisine. Our version of this famous sauce is a harmonious mix of flavours and textures, that delivers an unmistakable balance of sweet and spicy undertones with a bold and lingering heat that transports you to the busy streets of Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai that keeps you coming back for more.

If you would like to see our range of products your shelves, or in your menu, then please get in touch.