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Article: Bye Bye Baby


Bye Bye Baby

If you follow our journals on here or know us in any way you will now know the sad news that our first store is closing. If you ask any member of our staff you will know that we are all a little bit heartbroken but excited for the times ahead. Parliament Street was our anchor, the starting post for all of us and something that Timothy and Victoria (our lovely owners) nurtured from the start. Parliament Street got the Hoxton North name on the map of Harrogate and into some fantastic magazines, books and journals. Parliament Street still has its loyal regulars who we will see on a daily basis and have got such a good relationship with but we know that they also love our little breakfast bar which has stormed ahead of our expectations within its first 6 months of being open. We look forward to continuing all of the friendships and bonds we have made within the walls of Parliament Street in our new place. 

Parliament Street started as a shell of listed wood and mirrors and has now turned into a functioning space; fulfilling its potential.

We wish a fond farewell to Parliament Street and wish its new owners the best of luck for the future. We hope that they have the amount of fun, laughter and joy that we have had whilst in our Parliament Street. 

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