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Article: Mums the Word


Mums the Word

Originally started by the Christians of Europe as a day to honour and visit your “mother” church; Mother’s Day has become more about showing your mum how much you love and appreciate her. We all have our little traditions and it is a time that we as children take the time out to gravitate towards that person that you couldn’t live without. Below we have listed some ideas that will help celebrate the real head of the household this March 26th.

  • Whether she is a sentimental old dear or a lady who never misses happy hour there is always a perfect gift at notonthehighstreet for your mum. Our top pick would be the Story of Mum. You can personalise this water coloured frame and add all of your mother’s milestones (like you of course). We think it is the perfect addition to any home!
  • On this day of all days your mum should have to do absolutely nothing at all. If there was ever a day of chill for this lady than Mothering Sunday is it. If you live at home than do the little things like clean your room or put the dishwasher on. If you don't than try and make a fuss over her. Mum’s love to send time with their kids so try cooking or baking together. You may enjoy it more than you think and it will bring a smile to her face.
  • Dads listen up as this one is for you! Your children - as much as they love their mum - will have most likely forgotten that Mothering Sunday is just around the corner so try giving them a daily nudge to remember to at least buy her a card and a bunch of flowers. Utilise their obsession with the internet and send them to websites such as Love Layla, Scribbler or Moonpig where they will no doubt find an appropriate card.

Whether you have had a million Mother’s Days, are having your first one as a new mum or are getting ahead of the game and “forging” your unborn child’s signature to his mum we all hope you have a fun filled day where you get ladled with gifts and love from your families. Thank you to all the mums, guardians, step mums and sometimes dads who do both roles that are the peacekeepers, the heart healers and the (sometimes unwanted) advice givers. You have helped make us who we are and we couldn’t be more grateful!

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