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Our logo is a combination of two points of a compass which represent two parts of England that our founders love. The North [ Harrogate ] and East [Hoxton in East London.] 

Our first logo was composed of a wordmark "HOXTON NORTH ESPRESSO AND BREW BAR" and the two points of a compass.


We then evolved the logo to have a simple yet definable pictorial mark comprising of a black circle, a new wordmark of our name HOXTON NORTH, the year we were established and the two points of a compass.


The logo uses a simple black and white colour pallet that can be used across different brand assets including our future retail offerings.

Founded by husband and wife Timothy and Victoria Bosworth, who both are originally from Yorkshire and having lived in London for more than 11 years wanted to bring the passion and culture of East London, [Hoxton] to the North of England, hence the name.  

 For those that want to know: Hoxton is a district in the East End of London, in the Borough of Hackney, situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Immediately north of the financial district in the City of London, it is one of London’s most exciting and vibrant locations famed for its music, food and culture.


More recently, it has become home to one of London's most exciting independent lifestyle, coffee and food scenes. Specialist coffee shops, artisan coffee roasters and street food entrepreneurs alike are all dedicated to the craft of sourcing, brewing and serving exceptional coffees, food and drink in a relaxed, friendly environment.