The Power of the Marketplace

by Chesca Roberts February 23, 2017

Marketplaces are a trove of treasures for savvy shoppers wanting something a little different from high street shops. The beauty of marketplaces have now turned online in an array of different styles. Whether it’s vintage and reclaimed, second hand or styles from an independent boutique there will be something for you. Here are the top picks that we feel show of the best of secondhand.

ASOS Marketplace - If you have more than a little obsession with ASOS (guilty!) then you will adore their additional shop. Marketplace offers boutiques from all around the world the chance to sell on it’s pages and gives shoppers the opportunity to branch out in their fashion with some one off pieces. 

Depop - The app has exploded since it’s launch in 2012 becoming one of the biggest mobile shops in the world. It gives everyone the chance to create their own shop and sell off the belongings they no longer want and with over 5 million downloads they aren’t doing too badly. One man’s treasure and all that!

Shpock - As the new boot sale kid on the block Shpock offers everything except the kitchen sink. With an Ebay/Amazon vibe to the app they have personalised the app by tailoring the things available to your area and have also helped take the hassle out of buying things online.

Chesca Roberts
Chesca Roberts


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