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Article: Summer Loving


Summer Loving

Summer is fast approaching us and with it will be the entire overhaul of our wardrobes; as we chuck out the jumpers and wooden coats and replace them with something more light and airy. As we live in the beautiful UK we will probably only need these items for around 2 maybe 3 days but hey-ho, we can but hope! To give you all a little inspiration and help you find a little light in the dark days of a UK "Spring" we have picked some of the top accessories that are set to be popular in 2017. 

Statement Earrings - We're all ears for this one as ear-art makes a comeback and helps us ladies give the simplest outfit a little elevation. From twisted hoops to tasseled beauties we have scoured for the best ones and luckily they are all in one handy site at Free People.

Wide Collared Shirts - Don't worry guys, fashion isn't just for the girls; for you guys it's the shirts you need to be looking out for this summer. Don't be alarmed, the wide collar look isn't just for Dads as some may think; it's being rocked by some of the young rich and famous. These shirts are a far cry from skinny jeans and fitted shirts and our top picks can be found at Reiss.

Sunglasses - A Summer ensemble wouldn't be complete if it wasn't for some statement shades to make us feel uber-cool and a little bit mysterious. If you feel like you can't rock a pair then we say nay as no matter who you are there are some perfect sun protectors out there for you. The mantra to follow is KNOW YOUR SHAPE; know what sunglasses suit your face shape and you're on the winning track. For you gentlemen our top pick can be found from Moscot and for you ladies find some little beauties at Topshop.

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