Maybe it's the gin talking...

by Chesca Roberts July 08, 2017

If you are anything like us here at Hoxton North then you will have a deep-seated relationship and fondness for all things gin. As British people we have been known to be a little picky and our choices in gins do not help to shatter that stereotype. Do not be alarmed as it is something to be a little proud of, we know what we like and we certainly know what we don’t. However this tends to let us fall in the trap of resting on our gin-shaped laurels instead of jumping feet first and trying something new. 

Curio Rock SapphireThis Cornish gin is made with some of the best sea fennel or “Rock Sapphire” that the Cornish area has to offer and niftily takes its name from it too. Mixing it with some local “Kombu” seaweed gives this gin a saltiness that should not be overlooked. But alas tonic lovers do not fret as when partnered it gives an amazing atmosphere of strolling along a beachfront.

Bathtub Gin - Although the name may not do this gin any favours the flavours certainly do. For the spice-lovers among us this gin will go down swimmingly with its clove an cinnamon partnership. Each and every botanical takes its turn in letting you know its present to create a punchy but well balanced gin that we all should give thanks for. The colour is slightly off but only due to its unconventional methods of making. Quirky by name, quirky by nature. 

Hibernation Gin - As The Independent has got wind of this little treasure it’s popularity is set to soar but for now we can truly get to grips with this Autumnal inspired gin. Blackberries, bilberries, loganberries (and probably just about any other berries) are dancing this botanical tango before being aged in a White Port barrel to create a unique flavour that is perfect for sipping.

Chesca Roberts
Chesca Roberts



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