Hoxton North Breakfast Club

As a homage to our fledgling brunch bar we constantly have breakfast on the brain. With grandparents persistently telling us its the most important meal of the day we should treat it with a little bit of respect. Here are some of the top breakfasts we have found for you to try at home. 

Monkey Bread Danish - A twist on the classic pull apart bread this cream cheese filled delight is enough to make anyone’s stomach growl with hunger. The recipe makes around a dozen for you to tear, share and enjoy. Not one to hold up your diet though.

New Orleans Beignets - These squares of happiness are the staple of the New Orleans day and with Mardi Gras coming up why not give them a go. The recipe makes around 2 dozen so enough for you to put on a coffee morning for your family and friends. Enjoy with a pot of coffee to really get that New Orleans buzz. 

Ricotta-stuffed French Toast - Again this is a bit of an indulgence but when it tastes as good as it does you’ll forget all about the gym. At the Manhattan Beach Post restaurant the head chef came up with his own ideas for the classic breakfast food. Sweet tooth very much required to enjoy this creation.