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by Alessia Di Capua March 14, 2016

Homes, houses and the people that create for both.


Have a peek at the home related bits we're loving!


/ Kitchen hacks.

/ Minimal Living: A trio of tiny prefab houses.

/ Helping nature redecorate abandoned houses.

/ An interview with designer Jaime Hayon.

/ An elegant, sculptural creation.

/ 10 quirky dream homes for sale.

/ A pinboard of homely buildings.

Alessia Di Capua
Alessia Di Capua


❊ Taking pictures, writing words and hoping it all strings together. ❊


Maybe it's the gin talking...

by Chesca Roberts July 08, 2017

Team Hoxton decided that we would take up the challenge of bringing some of the new and upcoming gins into the limelight. You never know, one of our little treasures may just help you sweep away the cobwebs left behind by Gordon’s.

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Bring the outside in

by Chesca Roberts May 25, 2017

Give your home and your lifestyle a make over with some plants for healthier and more beautiful decor. 

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Summer Loving

by Chesca Roberts May 01, 2017

Summer is fast approaching us and with it will be the entire overhaul of our wardrobes

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