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London Roasters


We are really excited to be showcasing two new coffee roasters to add to our stella portfolio of london roasters.

The first is Vagabond, a North London based roaster who’s coffee is created with passion. The word Vagabond as they describe it is

– A person without a permanent home who moves from place to place; nomadic
– Leading an unsettled or carefree life
– A wanderer; a rover

– A vagabond ‘tribe’

Origin: Derived from the Latin vagabundus, from vagari; meaning ‘to wander’

They say the word means different things to different people because a vagabond refuses to be defined. After leaving Lithuania for London, we took our very own first ‘vagabundus’ footsteps along the coffee road which started from a simple idea – to create a place called home.

We are currently enjoying there single origin Muruta #48 from Burundi.

Our second Roaster is Dalston, East London based Allpress. Allpress was established in New Zealand in 1986 when Michael Allpress decided to chase his love of traditional Italian espresso rather than his career as a chef. He built a coffee cart and began serving the largely unfamiliar espresso drinks in a local Auckland market. They now have cafes and roasteries around the world from Auckland, Dunedin, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Tokyo.

We are currently enjoying their Redchurch, which is their signature espresso blend - a medium roast comprising Brasil Santa Alina, Colombia Pescador, Guatemala Huehuetenango and Sumatra Mandheling. The Brasil is a natural, bringing sweetness and syrupy body. The semi washed Sumatra provides spice and cocoa, whilst higher grown Guatemala and Colombia origins add fresh clean acidity. Colombia and Brasil give the blend its characteristic sugar cane and caramel sweetness. The result is a balanced and smooth espresso that combines well with milk.

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Barista Jobs

It has always been our intention to hire and train the best people we can. All our staff go through Personal Development Plans, because we believe that working at Hoxton North should be a career an...

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We were delighted to announce the opening our 2nd Bar in Harrogate on the 1st of September 2016  

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